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Let’s read what key industry players and politicians say about BEIF!

We have come to BEIF several times in the past, as this conference gathers the largest group of entities from the rapidly developing offshore industry. Contractors, developer representatives as well as local and governmental entities all come here. It is the best team for discussion about the development of offshore in Poland.”

Piotr Mirek – Chief Operating Officer, I Vice President, Board Member, TELE-FONIKA Kable S.A.

I believe this conference is vital. Experts representing different sectors join here, which gives the opportunity to meet other specialists and establish new contacts. (…) I know that smaller organisations specialise in particular sectors but they might not be able to implement larger, comprehensive projects. This conference helps raise the level of knowledge and integrate the industry to allow future cooperation between these entities which may join together to form bigger organisms offering specialised services, each in its own sector, yet together in their efforts.

Jacek Kopczyński – Director Steel Business, MS Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych S.A.

I do recommend BEIF, as it is the common meeting place for everyone from the Polish market and abroad. Additionally, debates are really interesting, they shape our concepts and perspective on the future energy policy of our country.

Paweł Mawduk – Innovation Committee, GSG Towers Sp. z o.o.

I think important thing for us in developing into this market is to find strong local partners to work with. Obviously, we do have a presence in the market already, but we want to work with strong supply chain partners, strong development partners so do we can really make a strong polish offering and I think that is something that coming to the conference like this is really important to meet people, face to face and build the parallel relationships.

Chris Willow – Offshore Business Growth Manager, innogy Renewables UK

I have heard today at the conference with very great interest, the ideas about developing the Baltic Sea and the countries around the Baltic Sea in the cooperation for developing a grid, integrid in the Baltic Sea where offshore wind production can be established. For the Commission I can say that we are welcoming such an initiative very much because it is very important element in the development of „Co2 free” renewable energy that we absolutely need in all Member States if we want to live up to our commitments that we have undergone in the Paris agreement.

Klaus-Dieter Borchardt – Director, Internal Energy Market, DG ENERGY, European Commission

There already been some instances in which Lithuanian and Poland cooperated and will cooperate in the future and I think the offshore wind is also a topic for discussion for future cooperations. I think gathering at the Baltic level is a very important message both to the policy makers and industry or another market player.

Rytis Kevelaitis, Vice Minister of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania

The opinions that we hear voiced at this conference from the industry, including from investors, entrepreneurs and other entities, are inspiring for us, politicians. We can learn what we should work on, what we should change to make the regulatory environment more friendly for investors and encourage them to look to the future with optimism and be present in the sector.

Zbigniew Gryglas – Member of the Polish Parliament, Chairman of the Parliamentary Group for Offshore Wind Energy

Here we talk about the solutions how to eliminate possible problems, so that this offshore wind energy could develop as it would be an important element of the future energy mix for our country.

Zdzisław Gawlik, Member of Parliament

Always these conferences are organized in such a way that very substantive, interesting material is discussed, very interesting ideas and postulates are conveyed, so it is worth listening to the content of the discussions at the conference.

We have the opportunity to transfer certain demands further, share what kind of solutions do we need as an industry, as financing institutions, and other entities involved in the supply chain for the OWF. It is worth being at BEIF to express your own opinion.

Michał Michalski, President of a Board, Polenergia S.A.

BEIF is one of the best events in Poland. It associates the largest number of guests, both from the national and foreign companies that are involved in Polish offshore. It is a place that gives the most opportunities and answers questions what will happen in the near future.

Paweł Weiner, President of a Board, MEWO S.A.

This congress brings together everyone from our industry. We have got complementary knowledge, the panels are prepared very professionally. Among us there are representatives of financing, preparatory and implementation levels of offshore projects, all the offshore wind energy sector.

Anna Wiosna, Director at Bank Pekao Corporate and Investment Banking Division, Bank Pekao S.A.

Certainly, it is worth being at BEIF, because you can work out some common postulates that will be hopefully met, so in a year we will be able to talk about the specific experience of the industry in the implementation of projects in the Baltic Sea.

Michał Kołodziejczyk, Business Development Manager, Equinor ASA


  • 1 general opening session
  • 4 detailed workshops


  • gala
  • longer breaks

less sessions but more time for networking

less lectures, more plenary discussions with participants

results of the latest market analysis

development scenarios

action plans

the Program Committee

less sessions but more time for networking

less lectures, more plenary discussions with participants

results of the latest market analysis

development scenarios

action plans

the Program Committee


  • because we look farther and see things in a broader perspective – not only wind energy, not only Poland
  • we see and present findings coming out of professional analytical effort
  • we work with the best and most experienced organisations, companies and experts
  • we are leaders in developing offshore energy projects, including offshore wind farms in Poland
  • we are consistent and unwavering in our mission to create an offshore energy market in the southern Baltic region


2019 - Baltic Sea Energy for Europe
22-23 may 2019, Warsaw

2018 - offshore energy and the Baltic Sea industry expansion
28 february-1 march 2018, Warsaw

2017 - offshore energy and Polish economy development
27-28 february 2017, Warsaw

2014 - offshore energy and offshore industry development
29-30 września 2014, Słupsk

2013 - offshore energy and regional development
21 january 2013, Słupsk


Foundation for Sustainable Energy is part of the SMDI Advisory Group – a leader in the Polish market for consultancy and consulting services related to the realization of offshore energy investments.

We follow one simple principle: analytical work comes first, then come political decisions and only then business discussions. There is no business without stable regulatory framework in place. And this framework is made up of political decisions.

Results of our discussions and analyses are translated into strategies and plans, which constitute the foundation for both political and business decisions around the development of offshore wind farms in Poland.

In February 2017, we agreed, together with strong participation of the maritime and energy industries, on directions of the analytical and planning effort necessary to make Poland a leader in developing and operating offshore wind farms on the Baltic Sea. We carry out this work continuously, and we consult the maritime industry, investors, members of the government and parliament on a regular basis – in smaller industry events as well as through the Memorandum of the Polish Offshore Energy Sector (Porozumienie Polskiego Przemysłu Energetyki Morskiej).

In the Baltic Energy Industry Forum we will present and discuss the latest and full results of our analysis on the economic potential of the offshore industry in the southern Baltic region and we will present a new action program to take advantage of the full potential.

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