Foundation for Sustainable Energy

NGO independent think-tank operating to create law favoring development of sustainable energy, supporting development of renewable energy as well as initiating and having dialog between participants of the energy market.

FNEZ is the leading organization responsible for creating substantive grounds for discussion about the future of the offshore wind energy in Poland. Thanks to constant cooperation with the government and parliament representatives, industry-specific organizations, numerous experts, main investors and many other institutions, FNEZ developed and agreed on a number of expert opinions concerning legal, environmental, social and economic conditions for the development of the offshore wind energy. The most important conditions include the following:

FNEZ was the organizer of a number of events and actions of key importance for creating favorable system environment for the offshore wind farm. The most important of them include the following:

FNEZ successfully implemented an annual campaign of education and social communication for the project of the offshore wind farm – “Polenergia Bałtyk III”, which resulted in obtaining the first in Poland environmental decisions for this kind of investments and campaign of social communication for the project of the offshore wind farm “Polenergia Bałtyk II”.

Since 2015, FNEZ has been the partner to the “Baltic InteGrid – Integrated Baltic Offshore Wind Electricity Grid Development” project, co-financed from the funds of the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region programme as a whole to achieve the Programs objectives. The purpose of the Baltic InteGrid project is to develop a concept of the grid infrastructure integrated with the offshore wind farm projects based on a detailed analysis of spatial, market, political and regulatory, environmental and social, and technological conditions.

Since 2016 FNEZ has been involved in the promotion of the Polish offshore energy industry potential. FNEZ is one of the initiators and signatories of the Memorandum of the Polish Offshore Energy Sector and the author of the Baltic Energy Industry Forum concept.

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